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Air Duct Services

Air Duct Services in Fontana

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Here at Baseline Heating and Air Conditioning, our empathetic technicians care deeply about the health and wellbeing of every one of our customers. Because we know that faulty or filthy ductwork is one of the greatest contributors to poor indoor air quality, we aim to assist people with improving their health by offering superior air duct services.

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The Importance of Scheduling Thorough Ductwork Cleaning Maintenance 

You may be shocked to discover that almost 90% of all houses and businesses in our country today have been manufactured to run on furnaces and central air conditioning. In a nutshell, this means these properties primarily utilize a ductwork system to provide heating and cooling. While these HVAC units may get the job done in terms of offering the controlled temperatures you need, there are also some negative side effects that come with them. This especially occurs when the ducts get filled with dust, dirt, bacteria, mold, and other particulates, making them one of the main culprits of diminishing indoor air quality. 

As your ducts pour out this harmful blend of invisible contaminants directly into each room of the house, you and your family members unknowingly breathe them in. The best way to prevent this from occurring is scheduling reliable cleaning on a regular basis, so you can breathe easily whenever you enter a room.

When to Have Your Ducts Repaired or Replaced

It can be difficult trying to determine if an important appliance in your home or business needs a repair or a full replacement, and this decision is especially hard to make when it concerns your ductwork. After all, duct replacement is a major investment that is simultaneously time-consuming and labor intensive, and you will not want your packed schedule to be unnecessarily interrupted. There are certain times, however, when your ductwork may be so old and corroded that scheduling more repairs is only delaying the inevitable — and continuing to cost you because your HVAC system is so inefficient.

It is best to seek out a full replacement of your ducts if:

  • Your ductwork is at least 15 years old
  • You and your family have been suffering from breathing issues
  • The ductwork is continuously noisy
  • You have already been forced to schedule several repairs
  • The heating and cooling are always distributed unevenly
  • You have spotted a lot of dust and debris around your home
  • Your utility bills are outrageously high

Because there are so many respiratory problems and increased allergens associated with leaky, damaged, or dirty ducts, there is no time to waste when you notice a problem. Baseline Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to give a professional hand for any duct issue you are experiencing.

Reach out to our technicians today at (951) 363-2417 or contact us online. You will receive the highest quality of air duct services in Fontana and surrounding areas.

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