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Emergency HVAC Services

Emergency HVAC Services in Riverside

Rapid Support for HVAC Emergencies 

Do you have an HVAC problem in your home or business that requires immediate attention? Turn to the experts at Baseline Heating and Air Conditioning for emergency HVAC service. Our experienced team will quickly diagnose the source of the issue and perform a rapid repair. 

Call our HVAC specialists today at (951) 363-2417 or send us a message online to request emergency support. 

What Is Considered an HVAC Emergency? 

While all HVAC problems should be addressed sooner rather than later, not all issues require immediate attention. Often, home and business owners are unsure if the issue they are experiencing warrants calling for emergency service. Below are some guidelines to keep in mind as you assess your situation to determine if you need rapid repair. 

Typical problems that constitute an HVAC emergency include: 

  • AC failure in blazing temperatures: If your AC fails in the middle of winter, it might be okay to wait for repairs until the following day. However, if the temperature outside is 80 degrees or more, an inoperable AC is an HVAC emergency, as temperatures on the inside of your home can soar rapidly. 
  • No heat during the winter: When the temperatures dip below 40, it’s important to have access to sufficient heating. If your furnace has suddenly stopped working and the indoor temperature is speedily dropping, you should call for emergency services right away. 
  • Your safety could be at risk: HVAC systems that are smoking or sparking, leaking gas or refrigerant, or experiencing any other problem that poses a threat to your health and safety should be repaired as soon as possible. 

If your system requires general repairs and the outdoor temperatures are moderate, chances are that you don’t need emergency services. Other scenarios that won’t require urgent attention include routine maintenance, new system installation, air filter replacement, or system failure due to a power outage. 

Safety-Related HVAC Emergency Concerns

If the emergency HVAC issues you're having are causing safety issues, there's no time to wait. Here are a few examples of safety concerns: 

  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Loud or very unusual sounds during operation 
  • Strong smells of gas 

Things to Check Before Calling for Emergency HVAC Support 

If you are still uncertain as to whether you need to call an HVAC professional for emergency services, there are a few steps you can take to better understand if you should. 

Before calling for emergency HVAC service, you can: 

  • Check that your air conditioning or heating is set to the “on” position on your thermostat and hasn’t accidently been switched off
  • Try to lower (when cooling) or raise (when heating) the thermostat temperature to see if the system will turn on 
  • Check that the batteries in your thermostat are working — replace them if your thermostat isn’t on
  • Check your electrical panel to see if the circuit breaker controlling power to your HVAC system has been tripped
  • Check your air filter to determine if it’s clogged — clean or replace the dirty air filter to see if it resolves the problem

At Baseline Heating and Air Conditioning, we hope you never experience an HVAC emergency. However, if you do, we’re available to provide reliable emergency HVAC services in Riverside and surrounding areas. 

Call (951) 363-2417 or contact us online to get an HVAC expert heading your way. 

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