Preventative Maintenance

Many property owners ask why preventative maintenance for their HVAC systems is relative or important. With over two decades of industry experience, team members at Baseline Heating and Air Conditioning will be the first to relay to you the following list of reasons to consider investing in HVAC preventative maintenance:

  • 95% decrease in the likelihood of mechanism breakdowns
  • Overall reduced costs for energy
  • Significantly reduced needs for system replacements
  • Less money spent on repairs and replacements

We would love to discuss all of these reasons and more with you, so be sure to give us a call today if you are considering your need for preventative maintenance services. An experienced technician will tell you more about how the following practices will end up saving you money in the long run:

  • Thermostat inspections
  • System control functionality inspections
  • Regular check ups from licenced and qualified technicians
  • Safety inspections
  • Indoor air quality monitoring

To reap the benefits of these services and more, contact the Baseline Heating and Air Conditioning team today. We provide work throughout Rancho Cucamonga, Highland, Redlands, and surrounding Southern California areas.